Cannes Diary: Day 4.

Whew! As this week progresses, the speakers just get better. Today was director Spike Jones and Mark ‘Facebook’ Zuckerberg. I was trying to be diligent and take notes for you all on my iPhone. In a nutshell, Spike was inspiring. Zuckerberg was too, and just a little bit scary with his subtle world domination plans.

Here's my notes from Spike on creativity:

Best ideas come from a single voice, small group. Search the parks in every cities, there are no statues to committees. No is the most powerful thing you have as a creative person. It's up to you to protect your creativity and your beliefs by using that word wisely. Stop working every now and then. More input = more output. You know when you've found the essence of the idea. Is it exciting? If it's not, and you know it in your gut, don't do it. It will always go horribly wrong.

Mark on Facebook, the future and ads:

They have 1 million developers across the world. 500 million users in six years. He met the British Prime Minister, working with governments and law  makers. He thinks Advertisers are operating like developers on Facebook. He likes the Nike World Cup campaign, Starbucks and Toy Story 3. Social bookmarking available with new plugins, so you can now see what your friends are doing across the web. Anywhere. Location based Facebook is coming. The future is highly personalised.

In other Cannes news, the Australian Beach Football team did very well. Hannes helped lead the team fairly close to victory. Beaten by the Dutch. However, I actually think hangovers might be to blame!

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